Gonzaga Soccer’s Statistic App and Video Editing Tools

September 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 7.08.42 PMThe use of video and statistics has become increasingly important to our program.  We have found the SoccerMeter app for Apple devices extremely useful on gameday.  This app tracks possession, touches, pass completion, pass strings, shots, and goals.  It is super simple for one individual on an iPad or an iPhone.  This 4.99 app is fantastic.  I would recommend this to all collegiate and high school coaches.  In addition to these stats, we also keep by hand our Heading Duals and 2nd Ball wins percentage.  These are very important to our pressing mentality and success.


We make all of our games and training sessions video available to our players 24/7.  We have found VidSwap to be a perfect partner.  VidSwap makes  our life as coaches easier.  They provide storage space for us to very easily upload our training sessions and games to the server for our players to access.   In addition, VidSwap edits our game video as well.  We can filter set pieces, goals, shots, etc at the click of a mouse.  The turnaround is incredible…24 hours.  Video editing is so time consuming so this allows us to be more efficient with our time as coaches.  Lastly, the players and coaches love using the VidSwap iPad app!

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  1. […] VidSwap.com signed up both Gonzaga U soccer programs this year and Coach Edwards gave us a great shout out on her blog post here. […]

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